Air Sealing

As a local insulation contractor, ABS-MD offers air sealing services to ensure a tightly sealed building envelope. Leaks in a building envelope can cause significant energy loss issues and drafts. According to ENERGYSTAR, if you added up all the leaks, holes and gaps in a typical home’s envelope, it would be the equivalent of having a window open every day of the year. This can significantly contribute to higher energy costs.

Sources of air leakage may include cracks/gaps in drywall, electrical outlets, around windows and doors, around chimney passes, recessed lighting/fans and more. Combined with proper insulation, air sealing is a key way to prevent or resolve energy loss issues. You can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable space and reduced energy costs by having a well-sealed, well-insulated home.

To determine which air sealing solution is right for you, we will assess the specifications of your project. We have professionals on staff who are trained and certified by the Building Performance Institute and Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® program. So, you can have peace of mind knowing you are choosing the area’s energy-saving experts.