Approaching your Home as a System

Your best defense is a good offense. Our expertly trained staff utilizes the latest technology to help diagnose your home’s energy consumption problems. From in-home estimates to full home energy audits, we have the knowledge and the tools to help you achieve a healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home. Owens Corning, the expert insulation manufacturer with pink appeal, is our trusted brand.

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Insulation Benefits

  • Lower utility bills
  • Less wear and tear on your HVAC equipment
  • Extended roof life
  • Decreased moisture issues
  • Increased comfort levels throughout each and every season
  • Overall efficiency and regard for the environment

Reinsulating for Comfort and Consistency

Today’s insulation is vastly improved from insulation installed a few decades ago. The older style is still hiding in many walls and is ready to be cleaned out and upgraded. We can locate problem areas, remove deteriorated insulation and reinsulate with new, innovative product manufactured to last the life of your house. Just need an added layer or two? We can do that too leaving you with a higher R-value and a more consistent comfort level.

Protect Your Crawlspace

We are the area’s expert when it comes to crawlspace insulation and encapsulation. Protecting your crawlspace is a key investment in your home. An under-insulated crawlspace affects the entire home; the result is inconsistent indoor temperatures, colder floors and higher energy bills. Because air from the crawlspace flows throughout your home, any moisture, humidity or allergens spread into the rest of the house. If you suspect or wonder if your crawlspace or insulation may be an issue, we will assess it and recommend a solution to ensure an overall healthier, more efficient space.

Training in the Pink

We trust Owens Corning and their extensive line of pink products to take good care of all of your home insulation needs. Team ABS-MD has gone through Owens Corning’s insulation training camp to become Certified Energy Experts and to insure you receive the highest quality installation to go along with their high quality products.

To discover how our Owens Corning CEE status can work for you, please visit our CEE Page.

Excellence in the Industry

Meeting and exceeding industry standards means giving our customers a cozier, more worry free home season after season. ABS-MD works hard to:

  • Code Qualification – Strive to meet and exceed ever-evolving IECC requirements
  • Efficiency Optimization – Work to achieve the highest HERS ratings
  • Continuing Education – Participate in latest industry training, including BPI certification